How do I Open a EXE File online in Windows and MAC with a free .exe opener

File type: Windows Executable


What is

The EXE file extension is employed in identifying the executable files on the different Operating Systems of Microsoft including DOS and Windows as well as the Operating System OS/2.

The executable files are known as applications that run when they are double clicked. The said refers to an executable file type which means that the said file is a software application. All applications running on the Microsoft Operating Systems or DOS utilize it.

Additionally, it contains a variety of resources that include graphics and icons certain programs use for their graphical user interface or GUI.

It also contains other pieces of information that are not a part of an application including the needed environment or platform required in order to execute the program application properly, housekeeping information that will be used by the OS in preparing for the execution of the program, and pieces of information that pertain to debugging and symbolic information.

The said information is not typically a component of the EXE files wherein the systems only have a small storage room and are embedded. Moreover, the information significant to debugging is not usually provided with the EXE files that could be availed of in commercial packages.


Detailed information 

Category: Executable Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Various Programs
Open with Linux: Wine, Cedega, Various programs
All the executable files in the EXE file extension begin with ASCII MZ. However, the said file extension is generated by various compilers that could contain more identification than the standard ASCII MZ.
Meanwhile, unless the EXE has properly formatted computer instructions, it could not be properly executed even if it has a properly marked identification. The files that contain this format run on MS Windows, OS/2, ReactOS, DOS and OpenVMS Operating Systems.