How to Open a BAK File Online in Windows and MAC


What are BAK Files

Any file that has the BAK extension is a backup file and it is used by different types of application, which are all used for the same purpose, which has to do with the storage of copies of several files for the purpose of backing them up. Many of the BAK files available today are automatically created by using a program that requires the storage of a backup. You can even do this using your web browser, which can store bookmarks and you can also use dedicated backup programs for archiving several files.

The BAK extension can be used to prevent unwanted access to the file in question, aside from backing it up for safekeeping for future use. This can be done very easily; all you have to do is to put them .BAK extension behind the file in question. As a result, you can save that file in a different format without ever having to change its file name.

BAK files are created automatically as stated earlier, but they can also be created manually by the program’s end user. You can easily get one created by yourself, which signifies the ease of creating the file; this can become necessary if you need to edit the file without making any change to the original file.

As a result, you will not have to move the files from the original folder, deleting them or writing over the files with new information or data. All you have to do is to append .BAK to the end of the file and this will keep the file safe.


How to open BAK file

The context is considered as important with the involvement of the BAK file. If you want to open a BAK file, you must first beat in mind that there is no particular type of tool or program that be used to open the file. This is because the BAK file is not like any other type of file, like the text and jpg files that can be opened by at least one program.

The BAK extension can be used for backing up various programs, like AutoCAD and all other Autodesk programs. You can equally use the BAK extension for several other programs, like tax prep program and financial planning software. Be that as it may, it is not possible to open an AutoCAD. BAK file in your accounting program to make it render the expected AutoCAD drawings.

Irrespective of the software used in creating the BAK file, each computer program is expected to use its own BAK file when there is a need to restore the backed up data. Do you have a BAK file in a place like your Music Folder, then there is a possibility that the said file is a kind of media file.

You can quickly confirm this by opening the BAK file in any of the popular media players, like VLC and check if it will play or not. You can remove .BAK extension and change it to.WAV, .MPS and so on and this will just be enough to open the BAK file