How to Open a DOC File Online in Windows and MAC

What are DOC Files

Any file having the doc extension is a Microsoft Word document. It is also considered as the default file format for Microsoft Word between 1997 and 2003. This is not the case with the version of Microsoft word from 2007 upward, which has the DOCX file extension by default.

The Microsoft doc file, aside from dealing with texts, can also handle other things like charts, tables, images and many other things that are found in word processors.

The main difference between the doc and the docx file extensions is that the docx file extension uses both ZIP and XML for compressing and storing the contents, while the doc file extension does not use these file extensions.

There is no relationship between the doc file extension and others like DDOC and ADOC files. Before you open any file with any of the above extensions then, you must carefully take note of the differences in the file extensions.


How to open doc file

You can use the Office Editing for Doc, Sheets & Slides to open Doc files very quickly. The program is made available by Google and it is free to use.

You can only use this method to open the file if you are using the Chrome internet browser. If you need to open file documents attached to your email or any other website. As a result, you will not have to download the file to your computer first before you open it.

You can also download the Microsoft office to your computer and you can use it to open the Doc file on your computer after you have downloaded it to the computer. Microsoft office contains several files, including Microsoft document, Microsoft Excel and co.

Another method to open a doc file is through Google Docs. This method is useful for those who do not have Microsoft Word on their computers. Google Docs is considered as a perfect alternative to Microsoft Word. And you can use it to upload DOC files to your Google Drive, where you can view the file, edit it and also share it if you so desire via your interest browser.

This method of opening the Microsoft Word is even faster than when you download word processors to your computer. While this method may feature several added benefits, it also has its own drawbacks. For example, a poor internet connection can prevent easy browsing or navigation of the doc file opened this way.

Microsoft Office can either be in the paid or free version. The paid version gives you access to updates and lots of technical assistance in case you encounter any problems while using any of the files under Microsoft Office. You can also use the free version, but you will not be provided with any technical assistance if you encounter a problem while using the free version.

You can use certain alternatives, like OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer. You can use the applications mentioned above to open, doc files and also format the documents. You can equally use them to open and edit Docx files.