How to Open a 7Z File Online in Windows and MAC

What is a 7z File

The 7z file is relatively common and it is a very good example of archived files, like RAR and many others. This type of file is similar in appearance to a single file, but they act more like a package containing a group of files.

It makes it possible for people to compress and the bundle may folders and files together into a smaller, single file. It can, therefore, be used to reduce the size of files to something a lot smaller. These files are related to the 7-Zip compression tool, which is a very popular tool.

The 7z file extension can be used to achieve any file that has been created with 7-Zip, which is a completely free file compression tool; 7-Zip is also an open-source tool. As stated earlier, there is a similarity between 7Z and several other tools for archiving files, like ISO, RAR, and ZIP.

However, 7Z has a higher compression ratio than the others and also comes along with AES-256 encryption. As a result, the file you have compressed using this tool can also be encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the compressed files and this will help keep the files safe from unauthorized access.

With 7Z, you can easily send and download files right from the internet and this will help you to free some disc space on your computer so that the computer can work faster. The compression rate is very high when it is used for archiving. The compression tools equally support unbelievably high file sizes up to 16 billion GB.


How to open 7Z files

Many computer operating systems inbuilt ZIP files and some other compression tools like ISO, but there is rarely 7Z files in any of them. Those who are using Windows can easily open compressed files using a 7z file on your computer using 7-Zip.

This is equally the favorite compassion tool to many Windows users even if it is to be used for other compression formats, like RAR, ISO, and ZIP.

If you are using Mac OS, on the other hand, you can use The Unarchiver as a reliable tool to open 7z on your computer; this tool is available for free use. Those using Linux OS can equally open 7z using various 7-Zip packages.

There are several other third-party tools and apps that can be used to open 7z file aside from any of the ones mentioned above either on your Windows or Mac Operating System.

As mentioned earlier, 7-Zip is about the most popular of all the tools that can be used in opening the 7z file. It is very easy to open a file using the 7-Zip tool; you can use the tool to open the file in just two steps.

After you have downloaded and installed the 7-Zip file to your computer, look for the file that you want to download, hover your mouse on the file and then right click on it using your mouse. Then point to the 7-Zip submenu and click on “Open Archive”.

This will help to open the archived file for easy access. The contents can be extracted to any location of your liking.


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