How do I Open a P7M File online in Windows and MAC with a free .p7m opener

  • Files type: Digitally Encrypted Message
  • Category: Archive and Compressed Files
  • Files format: Open-Source


What is a P7M file extension

The file format with the ✅.P7M suffix is a file created using the Cryptigo email encryption software. It is used to sign and encrypt a message.
The signed or the encrypted email file has the smime .p7m file extension format name may only be unencrypted with the P7M Viewer.
These file format is used to secure and e-mail communication.
Moreover, the files with this format may only be present in the system when common attachments like .doc files or .xls files are attached aside from the .p7m attachment.
These files may also exist when an email message is converted to MAPI from the original MIME file or when the email message is edited and saved.
A user may also encounter a .p7m if the parent or the envelope message is signed or encrypted.

How to open p7m files

Can’t? Problems or Inability to view and open the .p7m file on your computer is a sign that you do not have the corresponding program to open it; though there may be a couple of other reasons, which are mostly technical.

All you have to do is to download the right program or tool to open it.

File Viewers

You can see here free file viewers online and to download. If you receive in a message in gmail, outlook or other mail programs use one of the following free viewer.

  • Cryptigo S/MIME Plugin (Windows)
  • Cryptigo p7m Viewer for Eudora (Windows)
  • Apple Keychain access (Apple)


It is also significant to note that this file extension is only used in encrypted files sent as file attachment.
To open the file attachment , the encrypted or signed message you require a viewer and you may also require a private key that matches the public key of the message.


Open with

  1. Search for the .p7m file in your device or computer.
  2. Double click on it
  3. Select the open with option
  4. From the drop down list of apps and software select the viewer, app or program.
  5. If there is not any viewer in your device or computer. Then you will have to download one of the programs we mentioned in the previous section.


  1. Open one of the p7m viewers that you installed:
    1. Cryptigo S/MIME Plugin (Windows)
    2. Cryptigo p7m Viewer for Eudora (Windows)
    3. Apple Keychain access (Apple)
  2. From the application go to the menu of files to open the .p7m from your device.
  3. Now you can view the format file in the software.



Other problems that may prevent you from accessing these files are below:

  • If the drivers, the tools or equipment required is outdated.
  • The computer or Android device does not have adequate hardware resources that can cope with the easy opening of the .p7m.
  • If the file that you want to open is infected with malware.
  • The tool or application for opening it is not installed.
  • If you accidentally delete the description from your Windows registry.
  • There is an incorrect link to the file in registry entries.
  • It is corrupt.
  • If you cannot resolve the problems y yourself, you can get in touch with trained it support to help out.

After resolving all the issues, your device should easily open it.


How to create .p7m files

  1. Download p7m tool from Cryptigo here
  2. Open p7mtool
  3. Sign your format and save the destination file.
  4. You can sign a lot of data formats



Can I delete them

If you delete these files you may not be able to see the descrypted content.