How do I Open a TEMP File online in Windows and MAC with a free .temp opener

Files type: Audiogalaxy Downloading Music


AudioGalaxy is a peer to peer files sharing application that allows users to easily share music files with each other.
This software which was originally developed by Michael Merhejm was originally a simple FTP like site which indexed MP3 songs which users could download and share.
But it later evolved into a full-fledged peer-to-peer file sharing software which was better known as AudioGalaxy ‘Satellite.’
In September 2008 AudioGalaxy was re-branded and licensed by a pay streaming service known as Rhapsody by and was discontinued as its well known peer to peer file sharing client.
AudioGalaxy could download mp3 songs from the server which were shared by other AudioGalaxy users and these files could be downloaded onto your hard disk.
While downloading the file it builds it in a TEMP file which is built throughout the download and then later when the download completes it is then renamed the original filename.

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There are several database applications both small and large that use TDB files for storing the database.

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