How do I Open a SMC File online in Windows and MAC with a free .smc opener

Files type: Super Nintendo Game ROM


What is a .SMC File

The SMC file extension is used for the digital images of the original cartridges utilized in the SNES or Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In order to run and work on these SMC files on the computer, the user must install an emulator.

One of the more commonly used SNES emulators in the computer is the ZSNES.

This application is often used by users because it is simple and easy to use as it allows the users to locate the SMC files and play them. This file extension uses the mime type application/zip.


How to open SMC Files

Programs that can edit or convert theses files.

Category: Game Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: SNEeSe, ZSNES, Snes9X
Open with Linux: N/A


Open with

  1. Search for .smc files in your device
  2. Double click on it
  3. Select open with option
  4. From the drop down list of apps and software select the viewer, app or program SNEeSe, ZSNES or Snes9X. If there is not any viewer installed you will have to download one of the programs we mentioned in the previous section.



  1. Open one of the nomedia viewers installed: SNEeSe, ZSNES or Snes9X emulators.
  2. From the application go to the menu of files to open the .smc from your device.
  3. Now you can view the format in the app.


Convert SMC to NES

The NES files are for the nes emulators. The conversion is very simple just rename the file changing the suffix from SMC to NES