How do I Open a SFCACHE File online in Windows and MAC with a free .sfcache opener

Files type: Windows Vista ReadyBoost Cache


The .SFCACHE file extension relates to Microsoft Windows Vista ReadyBoost Cache files. ReadyBoost is a typical Windows Vista feature that allows you to plug in an external device to your machine, say, a USB pen drive.

Such drives (also known as USB flash memory device) are usually connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer.

The ReadyBoost feature is used in enhancing your system’s performance by utilization of flash memory device as cache memory. There is one advantage out of this. It is much faster to cache the external memory devices than your hard drives, there


Detailed information 

Category: System Files
Files format: Propriety
with Windows: None (it is a Windows Vista system file and should not be opened)
with Linux:
The .SFCACHE files should never be opened.
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