How do I Open a PLT File online in Windows and MAC with a free .PLT opener

Files type: AutoCAD Plotter Document


What is

The PLT file extension stands for AutoCAD Plotter Document. The Autodesk AutoCAD program uses this file extension for the vector graphic plotter files created using the said program.

The files may be printed with the use of plotter that is responsible for printing the images using different lines instead of using dots. The vector-based plotter files or the PLT files are based on the HPGL format.

These files may also be converted into other formats or vice versa, the files not supported by the PLT suffix may also be converted to the same format using some converters such as EFM, HPGL Import for Surfcam 1.0, Butterfly 1.0.6, and others that may be downloaded from the Internet.

Detailed information 

Category: Vector Image Files
Files format: Propriety
Open with Windows: ArtCut, Autodesk AutoCAD
Open with Linux: N/A
Other types also use the PLT extension. Included in these file types are the Infinity Game Engine Bitmap Graphic, HP Graphics Language, Gerber Sign-making Software File, dnaLIMS 3700 Sample Sheet and the Clipper Ver. 5 Pre-linked Transfer File.