Noxplayer is safe and how to download free Android Emulator

If you are wondering what is noxplayer and if it is save or not this article will help you.

What is Noxplayer

It is an android emulator for Windows PC Desktop computers. And it is available for free download.

Nox app player is designed to allow the end user to easily operate any android app on a desktop computer, those who are using Mac operating system can also access the Mac form of this app.

To carry out its function, the emulator will first create a virtual android tablet on the desktop computer and this will make it easy for the end user to access any of his android games or apps on the desktop computer.

As a result, you can easily access those apps on the bigger screen of your desktop. Aside from the benefits of a bigger screen, accessing the android apps and games on a desktop computer will equally improve the control a great deal.

Additionally, bringing your android apps to your desktop computer will improve the performances of the apps and make them more interesting to access.

The app was released to the general public in 2015 and has grown in popularity over the years.

Millions of people are already using it and you too can join the train today to experience how your android apps will look like when projected to the bigger screen of your desktop computer or laptop.

As mentioned earlier, the app can be accessed by both Windows and Mac operating systems and this means you can easily download and access those apps form your Android and iOS on your Windows or Mac computers respectively.

Both those using it on Windows and Mac have reported good response and there had never been any report of inaccessibility since inception to date.



Nox App Player Works in any Android version

Additionally, the app can work with any version of android operating systems.

For Windows

It is equally adaptable to any version of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP.


The same thing applies to the users of the Mac operating system; the version of Noxplayer that supports Mac can also be used on virtually any version of Mac. Consequently, you can always have fun using this app, irrespective of the type or version of the operating system you are using.

Using it to download your mobile apps to your desktop computer will improve your gaming experience like ever before.

The emulator is very easy to use. It will equally start quickly and help you to understand the game even better than ever, as well as, improve your control of the said game.

The app is created to ensure a superior performance of every android app downloaded to your desktop computer. It will make the app look more stable and the gameplay will surely be smoother.


Where to download Nox App

Official Site

You can download it from the website bignox.comĀ 

Google Play

Currently it is not available in the playstore.


File extensions

You can open the following file extension formats with Noxplayer. (Same as Android)

  • APK – Android Package: See how to Open APK File
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • MKV
  • WEBM
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • More (All the android supported formats)


Is it safe or not?

There had never been any complaint whatsoever about the effectiveness, reliability and safety of this app. None of the end users have ever complained and this is a strong indication that the app is safe to use.

However, you must investigate the source from which you download it very well before you click the download button.


nox player vs bluestacks

Bluestack is faster and consume less CPU and RAM memory.

Nox player is easy to use to play apps and games. was the official website of this famous android emulator. Now it is down.


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