How to open MUI files online in Windows and MAC with a free .MUI opener

  • File type description: MultiLanguage Resource Files type.
  • Extension: .MUI
  • Category: System Files – It can change interface for language
  • Format:┬áProprietary


What is a MUI file

MUI is multilingual user interface. Microsoft Windows uses it to change the language interface. Also, it uses it to display the text in multi languages.
This is a system resource file and contains the complete information for multilanguage version.
The mui file extension allows Windows interface to be changed to different languages.
Most additional languages packs can also be installed using the Muisetup.exe application.
It is used by Microsoft software and should not be opened manually.
This file is important for changing the language version. It is done for Windows interface when different versions are to be seen on the same Windows.
These .mui can be used when multiple users having different languages use the system

There is no point in edit or view these kind of files as they are system type. However you can try an universal opener or viewer to do it.

What Programs can Open MUI Files

With Windows:

This file is a Windows Multilanguage version resource. There is not any specific software or app to view it. But you can try with:
  • free file viewer
  • real player
  • itunes
  • microsoft office
  • Muse
  • 7-zip
  • picasa
With Linux: N.A.
MUI files contain resources by Windows 2000/XP Multilanguage version. They can change the Windows interface to multiple languages.
Ensure you associate the .MUI extension with the Windows Multilanguage software.

How to create

You can use the Open GL toolkit to create it by yourself. Windows also create this type itself for language resources.



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