How do I Open a MPGA File online in Windows and MAC with a free .MPGA viewer

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Did you try to open an MPGA file on your computer unsuccessfully? In this instructional article, we will explain in clear detail what MPGA files are and how you can open them on your computer.

What is an MPGA File?

MPGA (Moving Pictures Group Audio) has another names such as MPEG Layer 1, MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File or just simply, MPGA. MPGA files are audio files in Mpeg videos or streamlines.

The MPGA format is an audio file format. The compression type is MPEG-1 Layer 1. It encompasses a facility to run all music files in any media player which support MP3 files. Also, it compresses the audio and maintains original sound quality with lossy compression.  Also, it is another extension of .mp3 files. This is a standard file format for windows. And most media players can play it.

You can open the file directly through any media player and requires very less time to load on any player. Being a transition of the MP3 format, the file is easy to play. The file is stored on most file servers as .mpga for storing music files. It is a much lighter format and uses less disk space as it compresses the MPEG and MP3 files into smaller format. This uses less disk space and retains most of the quality of the audio being played on the computer.

This file is very flexible and can interchange between its original .mpga format to a .mp3 format. This is the reason why users can use the same player to access data in both formats.

MPGA Technicality

MPGA files are audio data compressed without any form of quality loss. This compression leads to the occupation of limited space in your RAM compared to other audio formats.

Today, this file format is a very popular choice for storing recorded interviews and voice notes. This is because the compression does not lead to the loss of audio quality. MPGA has also become a standard format for Windows-based players.

How to Open MPGA files?

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If you want to open an MPGA file, you will need to download software for this purpose, as opening it manually is not feasible.

There is more than a few software you can use and they are all available online. Some of them include


With Windows

With Linux

Any Audio player that runs an MP3 file format will play MPGA in Linux


Audio Files which store music and can be played on almost each media player.