How do I Open a IBT File online in Windows and MAC with a free .ibt opener


  • Type: Graphics
  • Description: Texture and Model, Protocol Analyzer InfiniBand Trace Files and IBTracer Infiniband Link
  • Extension: .IBT
  • Format: Binary
  • Developer: N/A


Did you receive an attachment with the .IBT extension? Here you will learn how to open, create, view, edit and convert a .IBT. We will see how to instructions and recommend programs readers, viewers, editors and software related to this format.


What is a .IBT File

This .IBT file format is required for the Thief Deadly Shadows game to run and contains the models and textures used by the game. It is installed in the system when the game is installed.

IBT files are also associated with a format from Computer Access Technology Corporation. The BTracer Infiniband Link And Protocol Analyzer


How to open IBT files


You can do it following these steps:

  1. Search for your .IBT files
  2. Tap on it (mobile device) or double click on it (computer).
  3. Select the program from the drop down list.
  4. Confirm your selection.


Category: Data Files
File format: Proprietary
With Windows: Deadly Shadows by Eidos Theif, Edit with the T3ed level editor, IBTracer Infiniband Link and Protocol Analyzer
With Linux:

How to convert IBT files

It is not possible to convert this format to another type. We don’t have any information about an online converter. Also, there are not specific programs in our database to convert this format.


It is safe to delete it?

Yes, you can delete it. There is not any risk for your computer or mobile device.


How to create it

It can’t be created manually.


If you have more information about this IBT extension please contact with us through the contact page. Thanks in advance for all your help.