How do I Open a FRX File online in Windows and MAC with a free .frx opener

Files type: FoxPro report files, Visual Basic binary form


What is a FRX file

Depending on the application using it, the FRX functions as a report or as a binary form file.

FRX Files function as a report file for FoxPro. FoxPro is a text-based and procedurally-oriented programming language. It does not just work as a programming language but a database management system as well.

It was originally published by Fox Software. But was later purchased by Microsoft and used for:

  • the MS Windows,
  • MS-DOS,
  • UNIX,
  • Apple Macintosh.

Sometimes, FoxPro is also considered as a relational database management system, although it lacks the transactional processing. So far, FoxPro is no longer sold. However, there is still a worldwide community composed of FoxPro programmers and users, making the FRX an active file extension.

The FRX suffix is appended to reports generated by FoxPro as well as Visual FoxPro.


How to Open FRX Files

Category: Data files, Developer files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Open with Linux: Visual FoxPro
As a binary form file, the FRX file extension can be found working with Visual Basic. This application is an event-driven, third-generation programming language with an included IDE or integrated development environment used for Microsoft’s COM programming model.
The function of the FRX is to store the different binary information for the Visual Basic form like graphics and icons.
The FRX format is similar to the FRM. However, the former only saves binary data for the forms created using Visual Basic.
This suffix however can be left stored or can be manually deleted especially if there is no binary data saved in the form.