How to Open a ENL File Online in Windows and MAC

  • File type: data files
  • Description: endnote library
  • Developer: Thomson reuters
  • Format: binary data


Problems opening .enl files? If you have a file with the .enl extension and you don’t know how to open it you are in the right site. Only certain programs can read, view, edit or convert files with .enl extension.

Try the programs we recommend. You have to download the software (viewers, readers) to view it or convert it to another format file extension.


What is a ENL File extension

The file format with the .enl suffix is a binary data file developed by Thomson reuters, a media company. It is used to manage llibraries, citations, authors and references information.

The file extension .enl format can contain links embedded. ENL files are used for bibliographic management purposes.

file extension .enl

Programs to open ENL files





Endnote is a software for bibliographic management.

.ENL related extensions

  • .DAT
  • .enlx EndNote X Compressed Library Data
  • .enf EndNote Filter Data
  • .enp EndNote Preferences
  • .enq EndNote Saved Search
  • .ens EndNote Style
  • .ciw EndNote Web of Science Export


How to open ENL files


Instructions step by step method 1 – open from the file

  1. Find you enl in your device.
  2. Double click on it in desktop computer, tap on it with a mobile device.
  3. On the drop down menu open with list select a viewer for example endnote.
  4. Confirm.
  5. View the file in the software.


Instructions step by step method 2 – open from the programs

  1. Open one of the enl viewers installed:
    1. Endnote by Thomson reuters
  2. From the application go to the menu of files to open the .enl from your device.
  3. Now you can view the format in the application.


Associate the extension to a program

You can associate the .enl extension to the software endnote. This will ensure every time you are opening a enl the associated program will launch by default.

To do it just double click on the file and select always run with this program.


.ENL converters

How is the conversion of ENLformat?

To convert this format you can use the endnote software.


Can’t open?

If you have problems opening it then follow these tips to ensure you have all you need:

  1. Check that you have at least one of the programs need to manage these files.
  2. Check if you have drivers updated.
  3. Get the latest versions.
  4. Reinstall the sotware .
  5. Ensure you have all the computer privileges.


How to create a .ENL file

You have to create a Endnote library. These are the required steps:

  1. Open the program Endnote.
  2. Go to the menu. Click on File -> New
  3. Name your library file.
  4. Save it.
  5. You created a .enl which is your endnote library. Another file is created by default, a .data that store your pdf are created in the data folder.


How to Delete

You can delete your endnote library file. Please ensure your delete both files, including the .data


About ENL files

In this website you learn what is a file with the .enl suffix, how to open, view, edit and convert it.

The endnote file format can be opened in windows, mac and linux with the programs above.

If you have any comment or need help about the ENL file or related software send it to us through the contact page.


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