How do I Open a EMZ File online in Windows and MAC with a free .emz opener

File type: Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile


What is

The EMZ file extension is employed in identifying the compressed metafile of Microsoft Windows.

It is the compressed edition of the EMF format or Windows Enhanced Metafile which is used in the identification of metafiles. Newly released versions of Microsoft Office and Visio have support for the EMZ extension.

Moreover, it is the compressed image format employed by Microsoft applications that include Visio and MS Office. The EMZ is quite similar to the EMF files or Enhanced Metafiles but is compressed by means of the compression algorithm GZIP.

When EMZ files are decompressed using the decompression utility GZIP, they are opened as the standard EMF. In helping its users get the features and capabilities in order to meet the challenges of their organization, Microsoft provides various Office suites that address a diversity of requirements.

Whether at home or at work in a multinational corporation, the Microsoft Office system offers a suite with the capability of helping users and their organization work more efficiently.


Detailed information 

Category: Image Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Office, Visio
Open with Linux: Microsoft Office
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