How do I Open a DXR File online in Windows and MAC with a free .dxr opener

File type: Macromedia Director Protected Movie


The DXR file extension is used with Protected Movie Files in Macromedia Director. The program is a profession authoring tool that combines a development environment with wide media support. Macromedia Director allows users to design content and create applications for kiosks, DVDs, CDs, and on the Web.

The files with the .dxr files contain animation or a movie made in Macromedia Director.

These files are similar to a file with the .dir file extension but the only difference is that files with the .dxr  extension are stored in a locked format and cannot be edited.

These files are usually used in the distribution of Macromedia Director Files. It is the format used to share with users who do not need to edit the composition of the movie.


Detailed information 


Category: Database Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Adobe Director
Open with Linux: Adobe Director
Macromedia Director is now called Adobe Director since Macromedia has been acquired by Adobe Systems. The program lets users build applications, and is compared to a director in a movie.
The product was first developed for the production of animation sequences. A powerful scripting language known as Lingo was added to the program and it made it as the preferred program in the creation of Stand-alone kiosks and CD-ROMS, Adobe Director has the capability to support multimedia projects in 2D and 3D.
Director can also create files that can be viewed on the Web browser using a plug-in called Shockwave.