How do I Open a DS_STORE File online in Windows and MAC with a free .ds_store opener

  • File type: Mac OS X Folder Settings
  • Extension: DS_Store


DS or Desktop Services Store used by the Mac OS X Operating System platform is widely attributed with the creation of the DS_STORE file extension.

This specific format which is specific to the Macintosh environment is used for storing folder settings and viewing preferences of the user.

This file contains information regarding:

  • The location of the folder’s window,
  • The size of the window,
  • View options that have been defined by the user (like column, list, or icons),
  • And the specific layout of the icons in the window.

This file type normally has a hidden property but can become visible when it is copied across networks, restored from backup files, or transferred to a Windows based computer system.

When the DS_STORE is deleted (whether intentionally or accidentally) the data contained in the folder will not be affected.


However, when the system cannot detect the presence of the DS_STORE file extension from within the folder, the Finder application will resort to the default settings for viewing opened folders.

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Detailed information 

Category: Settings Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: N/A
Open with Linux: N/A
There are no indications that the DS_STORE format extension was implemented by Apple Inc. in prior versions of its Operating System which makes it possible for Mac users using another version to not encounter this specific file type.
The DS_STORE file extension is created by default in every folder accessed by the user which also includes folders on remote systems like shared folders residing over SMB or those hosted on the AFP connections.
The user can copy this particular file to another folder which will prompt the Finder program to use the same customization for the target folder.
Previous versions of the Finder application resulted to the creation of several files with hidden attributes at the root of the volume accessed by the user.
Under the previous method, a single set of files is used for the storage of the metadata and settings for every folder contained under the entire volume. The creation of the DS_STORE extension can be disabled by the user in the context of its creation on networked connections only.

It is safe to delete it?

This is a system file so it is better not to delete it.