How do I Open a CNT File online in Windows and MAC with a free .CNT opener

File type: Help Contents Tab Filea


Are you having difficulties opening a CNT on your device? Read on to know just how to work around this difficulty.


What is a CNT File?

A CNT file  is associated with Help File Contents. Help Files contents aid users in resolving potential complications associated with the format they are working with or on. It is a basic table of help file utilized by Windows for various applications.

The Help files has with it important topics in relation to a particular Help document. Microsoft Help Workshop most often creates the file to facilitate the development of a Help document.

When working with this file, certain common problems may arise, even if you have appropriate software in your system for opening such a file. Some users have often complained of experiencing accessibility of issues even after they have installed an appropriate software. Here are some potential problems that may restrict you from operating your Help Content file.

  • A corrupted CNT
  • Incorrect registry links
  • Incomplete software installation for opening the files
  • Accidental deletion of the CNT description from Windows Registry
  • Malware infected files
  • Insufficient hardware resources to complete “Open” action
  • Outdated system drivers

If your device is not experiencing any of these issues, you can follow through the process below to open your CNT.

How to open CNT files?

To open a CNT file, your device requires appropriate software to enable it to execute the commands you have given. If your device lacks such software, you will most likely receive a failed alert. So, therefore, what you must do is to go online, download the appropriate software for the task, install it, and you are good to go. After installing the software, all you have to do is to

  • Place your cursor on the CNT and Right-click it
  • When the “Open With” icon appears, click on the software you’ve downloaded, and the file will open effortlessly.



Category: System Files, Data Files
File format: Proprietary

Here is some software:

With Windows

  • Help File Contents
  • Model-Driven Dev Tool
  • Rational Rose 98 by IBM
  • Windows Microsoft Help Workshop,
  • Microsoft Windows Help Authoring Tool,
  • Opticnt

With Linux

  • N/A


Please do note that CNT files should never be opened manually as this may lead to malware infection of the file code and if this happens, the file will be damaged. To avoid such a possibility, just install and use suitable software.


The CNT files are also of IBM’s Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab file, a model-driven development tool. Another software application, also with the .cnt is the Opticnt program.
Opticnt is an administrative tool that allows the recording of any and every computer activity while being kept hidden from the unsuspecting targets. Keystrokes, websites, programs and changes in files and folders can be covertly recorded by the user.