How to Open a CDR File Online in Windows and MAC

What are CDR Files

CDR file extension comes with CorelDraw and several other programs. It is a unique vector image program and was created by CorelDraw for holding shapes, effects, images, texts and so on. The file extension is used for creating letters, banners, web pages, envelops and several other documents.

At other times, CDR file extension may stand for Macintosh DVD/CD Master files holding files and folders in a single archive solely for the purpose of burning information or data to a disc just like ISO format that you may be familiar with in the Windows operating system.

The CDR file extension is equally used by the Raw Audio CD Data format; these refer to copied or ripped music files gotten from a CD.

The .CDR can equally be used as a Crash Data Retrieval Data file, which is generated from the sensors that are installed in vehicles using the Crash data Retrieval device. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will look into how you can open the CDR file on your computer system.


How to open a CDR file

You can use several file programs to open the CDR file extension. Before you choose any of the available programs, you need to first understand the particular format the file is in. if the CDR file is in image format, for example, CorelDraw may be the best program to open it.

The file should be considered as a DVD/CD Master file if it is on a Mac computer. If the file is a music file, on the other hand, it can best be opened using a raw Audio CD Data file; that is the format in which you will find most files taken from a Crash data Retrieval device.

The CorelDraw software uses the CDR file format mainly. Such files can be saved as templates provided the document layout will be required for future use and the CDT format will be needed in this situation. The CDR file can be compressed and also saved s CDX files. Below are some of the programs that can be used to open the CDR file:

  • ACD Systems Canvas
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw WordPerfect
  • CorelDraw PaintShop
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite

The programs highlighted above can open the CDR file perfectly but they are to free to use. If you are looking for free programs to open CDR file, you can consider the programs below:

  • CDR Viewer
  • Inkscape

The CDR file in the Macintosh DVD/CD Master CDR format comes with inbuilt Disk Utility tool in the Macintosh operating system. You can open such files using the DiskImageMounter tool or Apple’s Disk Utility.

You can also open it using HFSExplorer capable of opening CDR files on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Furthermore, the program supports some similar file formats, like SPARSEBUNDLE, SPARSEIMAGE, IMG, ISO, and DMG.

CDR file can also be in the form of Raw Audio CD data files and are similar to some other files like AIF and WAV. Some of the programs out there save ripped music files to this particular format. The CDR files in this format can be opened using iTunes, or ImgBurn.