How do I Open a CAJ File online in Windows and MAC with a free .caj opener

File type: CAJViewer Full-text database


What is

The CAJ file extension is a file created though the CAJViewer application. This application is similar to Adobe Acrobat. It also creates files similar to a word processing document; however, these files cannot be edited because they have image-like properties.

The files created and allowed to be read using the CAJViewer are limited to Chinese documents only. The CAJViewer application was made by the Tsinghua Tongfang Optical Disc Co., Ltd.

There are only a limited number of CAJViewer users, which are usually software informers. Just like other programs, CAJViewer has many versions but the most widely-used are the 7.0 and the 6.0. Sometimes, the CAJ is associated with one of its executable files, the caj.exe. Other executable files of the CAJViewer are CAJVieweru.exe and CAJViewer.exe.

How to open CAJ Files

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File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: CAJViewer
Open with Linux: N/A
Furthermore, the CAJ file created with the CAJViewer is similar to a PDF file. However, this file is formatted using the Chinese language only.
The CAJ files are commonly created, used, and distributed for academic purposes like academic journals or for schools and universities.
Chinese-based websites commonly use the CAJ file to share copyrighted documents.
Users can search for specific CAJ files in a CAJViewer database. However, just like the PDF file that can only be opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the CAJ file can only be read using the CAJViewer application.
So far, there is no other application that can open CAJ files other than the CAJViewer.