How do I Open a BUP File online in Windows and MAC with a free .bup opener

Files type: DVD info backup, Brother embroidery system files, indexer, update, contact manager backup.

What is

The most common use of the BUP file extension is as a backup file for the DVD IFO. Many programs like the InterVideo Win DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, and Nero ShowTime use this format as a backup for their IFOs.

The IFO files are used in storing different information on a DVD such as the tracks and subtitles. The BUP is helpful in case the IFO is corrupted or unavailable for use. The media player will instead use BUP format whenever the IFO is not available.

Detailed information 

Category: Backup, System and Data files
Files format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Softcode Tracker, PC-Bibliothek, CD Indexer, InterVideo Win DVD, Nero ShowTime
Open with Linux: Softcode Tracker, PC-Bibliothek, CD Indexer, InterVideo Win DVD, Nero ShowTime
On the other hand, BUP files also works as a file for the CD Indexer. This application is an old program for Drive Mirror 2.
This can be used to create drives or CD mirrors. CD Indexer copies the entire file including its system, other hidden files, and the catalog structure.
Basically, this application works similar to a disk catalog, wherein the user can look for information through a search engine.
Any created with the CD Indexer has the BUP file extension.
Another old program using the BUP format is the Softcode Tracker.
For this, the file works as a backup for the contact manager.
Also, the BUP files can work as an update format, specifically for the PC-Bibliothek application. For this, the file assists in the regular updating of the application. Brother Embroider