How do I Open a ASPX File online in Windows and MAC with a free .aspx opener

  • File type: ASP.NET Source
  • Extension: .ASPX


What is

The .aspx file extension is an ASP.NET Source File. It pertains to Web pages and source files created using the ASP.Net Framework application.

The said program is a component of the .Net technology of Microsoft and is employed in creating rich and dynamic content for Web pages that allow the execution of embedded scripts at a rate much faster than any other online server. Web pages with the .aspx could be opened or viewed using any Web browser operated by Mac or Microsoft systems.

This is because the execution of all the scripts in the .aspx Web page is made on the server. The browser is therefore enabled to display Web page as a plain HTML.


Detailed information 

Category: Web Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Any Web browser
Open with Linux: Any Web browser
The ASP.Net has three kinds of server controls which help in the execution of the scripts in the source file .aspx. The first server control involves HTML Server Controls which refer to sets of traditional HTML tags.
These enable the ASP.Net to handle as its own the HTML tags.
The second one includes Web Server Controls that are unique to the .aspx scripts and the third one involves the Validation Server Controls employed for validity input.