How to Open a AML File online in Windows and MAC with a free .AML opener


AML Format

AML file stands for ACPI Machine Language File. The developer of the file format was The ACPICA Project. And it is highly popular. It belongs to the System Files category and has a Binary format. The file is a system file in the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Machine Language (AML).

It is also a low-level of language to configure various hardware properties. The file is usually for booting Mac OS X on hardware not related to Apple. Usually called (“Hackintosh” systems). A good example of it is the P55 motherboard. The system file is equally to enable better compatibility with hardware, as well as, to improve the performance of a system.

It contains a Differentiated System Description Table (DSDT). And this is designed to store instructions that help in notifying the Mac OS about several hardware settings. It is better in the root directory when you download and install it on a Mac OS X system. This is to be easy recognize it.

You can check tonymacx86 for series of AML files that are already for Mac OS X. The end-user can also customize and edit it using DSDTSE, the handiwork of EVOSX86 team known for software development. You cannot edit an AML file directly.

However, you need to first decompile them into “.dsl” files after which you can edit them. And also then compile them back into their original “.aml” files.

AML  are with instructions at the level of ACPI, which is between the operating system and the BIOS.


How to open the AML files

The AML file might have been designed for Mac OS. But you can view them on various operating systems.


In Windows

You can use the programs:



You can use the software:

  • iasl


In Linux

You can use the software:

  • iasl



You can use another program. Double-click the file and click on ‘Open With”. A series of other programs that can be sued to view it will appear on a drop-down menu. Some of the other files software are below:

  • Morpheus Photo Morpher Layout Project
  • AutoMage
  • Mio Technology Application Markup Language

You can download any of the files above from the developers’ websites try using it.

There are some file extensions that you can use to manage different types of files. You can easily view a file by first know the type of file it is. Many of the available are System Files. You can view them using different kinds of software packages.

If you have a program on your computer system capable of opening System Files, then it is possible to use that program to open AML files.

To know the type of file is:

  • First check the properties of the file.
  • Right-click on the icon.
  • Then selecting “More Info” or “Properties”.