Adobe DNG Converter Free Download latest version in Windows and MAC


Have you ever wondered how you can convert the proprietary raw files on your digital camera to a more transferable, exchangeable and universal dng raw file?

One very useful way of doing this is with the use of an Adobe DNG Converter.

adobe digital negative converter

What is the Adobe Converter?

So, what is you may ask. Well, first of all you should know that “DNG” is an acronym for “Digital Negative DNG“.

These are the raw files that are saved on your digital camera and may be specific to that camera raw format. In other words, the raw image format may not be accessible on other platforms unless they are converted to a more user-friendly format.

It means this program can easily convert camera specific raw files to other formats. It has a free utility that convert files

With the Adobe Digital Negative Converter, you have a FREE to use software that readily converts the raw files from over 200 different camera manufacturers specific formats directly to Digital Negative.

The DNG format is a more universally acceptable raw file format that can be accessible on virtually any other platform and that includes Windows and Mac OS desktop computers.

Due to the dearth of a universally acceptable standard for the unique and proprietary raw files that are generated by different digital camera brands, it became necessary to develop the Digital Negative.

With this format, amateur and professional photographers are able to archive the raw files of their respective brand of camera in one format that makes it easy for them to catalogue as well as access at any point in time.

As mentioned before, DNG is a freely accessible format, so it offers software developers an opportunity to develop software capable of both supporting and benefiting from DNG.


Download Adobe DNG Converter on Windows and Mac


V12.3 is the latest version of this adobe converter software. And you can download it directly to both Windows and Mac OS desktop computers.


Windows OS Compatibility

It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, and Windows 10 64 operating systems.

If you use any of these Windows OS, you can click here to download it.


Mac OS Compatibility

 If you are using a Mac OS 10.12 Sierra or a later version, you will be able to download the latest version for Mac right here.


How to Install 


  1. Once you have downloaded it to your Mac or Windows OS, open the downloaded file.
  2. Next, you then double-click on the executable file.
  3. A set of instructions will appear on the screen of your monitor, carefully follow these instructions.
  4. After abiding by the set of instructions shown on your monitor screen, the Adobe DNG will be made accessible either on the “Applications” or “Programs” directory for your Mac or Windows OS respectively.


In addition, the installation folder of the DNG Converter includes a number of color profiles. These profiles are copied onto a common resource location.

These color profiles can also be installed to enable the proper operation of the software.


How to use in 7 Steps

Step #1: Start by launching the software. You can do it in the following ways;

  1. You can double-click the icon to launch the software,
  2. Also, you can drag and drop single images or
  3. You can drag and drop an entire folder full of images directly on the icon.

If you choose to use any of the three highlighted options, you will immediately launch it.


Step #2: Next, simply choose the image or images that you intend converting to a DNG file.

Step #3: You then need to decide on the respective location. There the DNG converted files will be saved.

Step #4: Your newly converted DNG files would need a naming pattern, so decide on one.

For example, for the name of the document, the current file name appear with a DNG extension.

You can also include letters or serial numbers to the document name.


Step #5: The name of your DNG file would also require you to specify a couple of extra settings, such as;

  • The Starting Serial Number: You can change the number that starts the serial numbering of your DNG file. For example, if you do not want the serial numbering of your converted DNG files to start with “1”. You can change this number to whatever starting serial number you prefer. For example, “101.myimage.DNG” or “1.1.myimage.dng”.
  • Adjusting the File Extension: The file extension of your converted DNG file is set by default. But you can still adjust the file extension by making it appear in lowercase or uppercase. For example, “.DNG” or “.dng”.

Step #6: It is possible for you to alter the compatibility preferences of your converted DNG file where necessary.

Step #7: You then have to click on the “Convert” button. It leads to the appearance of the conversion status displayed in a dialog box on the monitor screen.

The process is over.


Not Working

Not working? Try to get the latest version.




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