How do I Open a AAE File online in Windows and MAC with a free .AAE opener

  • .AAE extension was developed by Apple and is very popular.
  • Type: Data file
  • Format: XML


Many iOS end users will find themselves coming across the AAE files on a frequent basis. This usually happens any time they want to transfer files.

In most instances, this type of file brings about inconveniences on your device. The AAE file extensions come with alternations and edit that you have decided to carry out on your images by using the photo apps available on your Apple device.

Studies show that this type of file extension has a way of transferring non-destructive categories of changes usually made by the end-user to the JPEG pictures through iOS to Mac operating system.


What is a .AAE File

An AAE file contains the editing made to any image by using photos app on a iOS device.

One possible file use is transferring a non-destructive edit that is made by an end-user of the .JPG format in the iOS device to the macOS system.

You can find this file together with the images for which they contain the image edits.

You can create AAE files using photo apps in various iOS devices like SO X 10.10 and iOS 8.

Any other later iOS device can also work perfectly for this purpose. The file will then get all the edited images saved to images.

The files are saved in such a way that the original one will not be affected even after the editing of the file.

They will then be stored in exactly the same location as the images for which they contain all the edited versions of the file in question.

When you want to open an edited JPG file in the Photos file, the app will automatically reference the associated AAE for any of the editings that you have earlier applied.

The data saved will then be saved with the .XML extension. This translates to the fact that you can view them by using a simple text editor like Notepad or TextEdit.

If you are importing pictures that are edited by using the app for Photo to Windows or any other older version of the SO X, there is no way you will not be able to notice the files that come together with the images.

If you are using a Windows operating system, the .aae extension is hidden by default.

Be that as it may, the AAE will also be named as the particular name given to the JPG files for which they now contain the edits.

After it has been imported in Windows, you can now deliver the files without ever affecting pictures that are associated with the deleted files.

How do I open AAE Files?

You can use several programs to open it. The file in opening depends on the particular operating system on which you want to open the file.

On Windows

If you want to open it on a Windows operating system, then you can do it using Microsoft Notepad or any other text editor for that matter.


If you want to open it on Mac, on the other hand, you can use Apple Photos, Apple TextEdit or any other text editor.

On Linux

Are you using Linux operating system?

Those using Linux Operating System can go for virtually any text editor to open it, like

  • AbiWord,
  • OpenOffice Writer,
  • Boxer,
  • Jarte,
  • CodeLobster PPHP Edition,
  • ConTEXT,
  • WordPerfect and so on.

Many of them are available for free download, but you will have to pay to access some other ones. The paid ones are WordPerfect, Boxer, EditPlus and even NoteTab.


If you are using the older version of iOS, any form of editing made to a photo is overwritten. It replaces the original one.

The creation of AAE has changed all that procedure now. In recent versions of iOS, the original file will not be deleted after you have made an editing.

The information about the edited copy will then be saved in a different file called the AAE File. It can also be the AAE sidecar file.

The AAE is in the same folder as the photo that was originally before the editing occurred.

The method or tool you can use to open it depends on the operating system that you are using.

For those using Windows operating system, you can use programs like Microsoft Notepad to open it.

You can also use virtually any other text editor. Many of them are available for use free of charge.

You can download them easily if you do not have them on your device already. Bear in mind that Notepad comes as a default addition to Microsoft devices.


Can I delete an AAE?

Many people are concerned about the safety of deleting the AAE Files. Many think of deleting it because they are not really sure what purpose the file is served.

So, they prefer to get rid of it instead of keeping it to occupy space on their computers.

You need to bear in mind that it is possible to get the AAE deleted from your computer.

It should also be stated clearly here that deleting the file will never have any adverse effect of any kind on your computer or its operation.

Studies also show that AAE Files does not have any default app or software for opening them. so, there is obviously no point in keeping them on y9ur computer.

You should equally bear in mind that the connection existing between the modified file and the original file will be lost after you have renamed the original file.

Your photos will never be affected at all when you delete the AAE Files on your computer.

Bear in mind also that the AAE Files does not occupy a lot of space on the computer. In fact, they only occupy a few kilobytes of space.

It is possible to delete the AAE. You can follow the steps below to get file deleted:

  1. If you are using windows operating system, go to Windows Explorer.
  2. From Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder for DCIM/10XApple.
  3. Next, you can sort the files by Type.
  4. After that, go ahead and delete any file with the JPG extension, including the AAE File that you have earlier created. You can use this method to easily delete any associated AAE files.


How to Open AAE File in windows

  1. First of all, get the file uploaded to your Dropbox account.
  2. After that, you should log into your Dropbox account and this will help you to gather all the photos in their original sizes.
  3. You can then send the pictures as a mail to yourself.

Bear in mind that using this method will get the original sizes of the photos deleted.


How to Open AAE file on macOS

It is common for an iOS end user to come across it, you can easily open the AAE files on your macOS by using iOS 8  or iOS 10.

In fact, any later version of the iOS can conveniently open the file on your device. If you prefer to delete the AAE extension, this can be done without any hassle and it will be done without ever deleting your photos.

Bear in mind, however, that deleting the AAE extension will also lead to the loss of your edits. TextEdit and several other text-editing programs that can be used to open the AAE file.

You can equally use the common Notepad for this purpose. It will help you to display all the changes you have earlier made on the picture.


How to Open AAE files on your iPhone    

The procedure for opening the AAE files on your macOS can also be used for accessing AAE files on your iPhone device.

You can make use of iPhoto in your iPhone device since it supports AAE sidecar format.

The file is useless and deleting it on your device will never be a problem. The deleting can also be done easily on your iPhone devices or on iOS 8 or the higher version.

The deleting is easy on all applied, filters and edits. However, nothing will change in the original videos and images.

Before you can open an AAE file, you need to first display it.

You can do this by getting each of the edited pictures to spend and this should be done individually. You can use third party iOS photo editor to do this.

After that, you need to save the file again and this time around, you will not need to edit or alter it in any way.

This method is highly effective for creating various copies of the file in your camera roll using the AAE extension alterations.

You can then delete the original picture and then import the one you have resaved with the editing and modifications.

One other way to do this involves the use of iOS applications that you have dedicated completely to the transfer of only file types that have the AAE extension. So that you can transfer the various pictures to your computer without ever deleting the files you have earlier altered or modified from the file you have saved originally.

Before you go ahead with the transfer, see to it that the application that has altered been selected has compatibility with this specific type of function.

How to transfer photos and retain the current modification

When you decide to get photo transferred with medications to your Mac computer from iPhone you will not have to worry about any issue whatsoever.

Even if you move this type of files manually, you will never be able to find any default application that you can use to open it. If you want to resolve this problem the right way, then you need to make use of the third-party software that is able to read .AAE format.

Such software may not be easy to find for those who do not use macOS. As a result, you will not find it easy to open the files with modifications.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, all you have to do is to export the copy that you have modified or force your iPhone to change the original file as necessary.

One other method that you can use is to send the file as a mail to yourself from your phone.

Another thing you can do is to upload the files on various social media pages like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This method is known to work very well.


Should I keep or delete the AAE file?

Deleting or keeping the AAE file is a personal decision. For one, the file does not occupy too much space on the storage of your computer. Even at that, you should also understand that the file can corrupt some other files in your system.

There is no point in retaining the file since your computer will never experience ant kind of side effect when you delete the file. So, there is really no point at all in retaining the file.

The AAE files are accessible by those using any Mac OS version that is as new as iOS 8. This means you can also encounter it when you use iOS 10 and higher versions.


Converting AAE to JPG


The Pixilion Image Converter Software can be used for this purpose. What is more, this tool can enable you to convert the AAE files to various formats aside from the JPG.

Not all applications support the AAE files because of this, many end-users tend to first convert the AAE files to a JPG file or any other format that is well supported by the program.

The steps below can assist you:

  1. First of all, you need to get the Pixillion Image Converter Software downloaded on your computer. After that, you can install it on your computer by simply following the straightforward instruction for installation after this, you can go ahead to open or launch the program on your computer.
  2. You can then import the AAE files into the program by clicking on the Add Files button. It is in the toolbar.
  3. You need to find and select the particular AAE on your computer and then click on open to open it in the Pixilion Image Converter Software. Instead of doing this, you can complete the process dragging and dropping the v into the program directly.
  4. The next step involves choosing an output folder.
  5. You can then set the output format the way you like. In this case, JPG will be your preferred output format.
  6. The next step involves converting the AAE to JPG as desired.