File Extension SCM

File type: StarCraft Map File, ScreenCam Screen Recording File, Schema File, Super Chain Media File

About the SCM file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

These files are used by StarCraft which is a real-time strategy game developed by the Blizzard Entertainment for the maps in the game. These files include the different information that is used to generate the map during game play such as the terrain as well as the resources, the objects, the lighting, the shading and various animations etc. These maps may be created in different sizes. Many of the maps are pre-included within the StarCraft game for both the solo campaigns as well as for playing in the multiplayer mode online on the internet but custom maps can also be created using a Map Editor software. These files are also created using PC screen recording software known as ScreenCam. This software acts as a screen camcorder and when recording using this software, it records all the changes that are taking place on the screen of the computer and are generally used to create educational videos for directing people on how to do stuff on the computer. These videos can also be streamed directly over the network using StreamCam software. IBM Lotus originally developed the ScreenCam software but was later owned by SmartGuyz.

Detailed information for file extension SCM

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary.
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These files are also used as descriptors that are used for describing other documents such as XML files. These are typically used to specify the structure as well as the formatting of the document it refers to and also about the type of the data that is in the file. SCM files are commonly seen on Unix Systems. However they are commonly used on other platforms as well. The other types of XML schema or definition files include the .DTD, document type description files and also the W3C XML Schema files with the .XSD extension. SCM files are also audio video files that have been developed using the SCM codec which includes the provision for digital copyright protection DRM which disallows easy copy and reproduction of the files created using the codec. This codec was developed by SuperMV which is a video audio interactive researching company. These SCM files can be played using several media players available today in case the SuperMV SCM codec is installed on their system.