File Extension KPL

File type: Kazaa Playlist File.

About the KPL file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

These files are playlist files which are created and used by the popular p2p file sharing platform Kazaa. The Kazaa Playlist File format is very similar to the PLS file (a generic playlist) in Windows .ini (configuration or initialization) format and are essentially plain text files and can be opened using any text editor as such for editing. Kazaa is a popular p2p file sharing platform used to share audio, video and various other files between people and it uses these KPL files to manage playlists for users to play a set of files which they choose to. These files can also be shared across the application and shared with other users.

Detailed information for file extension KPL

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Kazaa
Open with Linux: