File Extension IDX

File type: Index File

About the IDX file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

IDX files are used for storing an index of various files used by various software applications which is in turn used to speed up searching by several search functions. The IDX files index databases, directories, files, or even hard disks and once that is done these can then be searched for files or names or keywords; they are also sorted much more efficiently. IDX files are used by Microsoft's FoxPro, ESRI ArcView, Corel QuickFinder, ICQ and several other programs.

Detailed information for file extension IDX

Category: System File.
File format: Proprietary.
Open with Windows: WorkSmart Automation ReportBuilder, Wonderware InTouch, Microsoft Outlook Express
Open with Linux:
These index files are also used by InTouch, the Human-Machine Interface application, and ReportBuilders with ODBC connections for the InTouch, in order to create an index of log files. These are in turn used for running reports from the gathered data and information. IDX files are also used for indexing the email messages that are stored in the Outlook Express application that is generally shipped with the Windows Operating System. These are generally located within the same directory as that of the mailbox files themselves. The IDX files are often required by Outlook Express 5 or later versions to be able to import old mailboxes into it.