File Extension DSF

File type: Delusion Digital Sound File

About the DSF file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

The DSF file extension references the presence of the Digital Sound File format associated with the Delusion/XTracker. This format file is primarily responsible for the generation of digitized sample audio formats characterized by its storage of various information such as bits (8 or 16), collection, instruments, name, loop, and mono among others. Basically, a sample like the DSF file extension is considered as a digital representation of a signal from an analog source. The quality of the sample is based on the bit rate or sampling rate of the signal that is being sampled. The importance of digital sample files is highlighted by the fact that computer systems can only process digital signals and do not comprehend analog signals altogether. With the DSF format file, the user can accurately gauge the quality by which the final digital representation of the analog source would be converted. This converted data is what is actually referenced by the term sample. In this context, the term sample is explicitly associated with audio files that undergo synthesizing procedure from the Delusion audio program.

Detailed information for file extension DSF

Category: Audio Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: DeliPlayer, StormSky RainbowPlayer, MODPlug Tracker or Player
Open with Linux: N/A
The final output generated from the DSF file extension will take the format of DMF for Digital Music File. This type of file created with the Delusion/XTracker audio solution is based on the X-Tracker format standards. This end format audio file is characterized by its high quality MOD style that consists of a maximum of 32 channels with 1024 maximum beats per track. The final output using the DMF file extension is based on the settings created by the user with the DSF file extension. The specification supported by this audio format file is well organized primarily because of its ID/Blocklength structure that allows the backward compatibility to similar files created with older editions of the application. The DSF file extension also supports the nextID scanning process of the application which is executed manually. It also allows the usage of block length fixed with the SMPD block having a zero length.