File Extension CTG

File type: Canon Catalog Index File

About the CTG file type:

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The CTG file extension is commonly seen in the area of digital photography and video recording. This particular format file is closely associated with the Canon brand of digital cameras and recorders where it serves as the representation for catalog index files created in the memory card of the device and normally resides within the folder CANONMSC. This folder is automatically created by the device in the memory card and usually corresponds to other folders stored in the memory card used by the Canon devices. As a catalog, the CTG format file normally contains data on the number of images stored (or used to be stored) within the different folders created in the memory card. The images commonly have a limit of 99 images associated with a catalog file and anything that exceeds this number would prompt the creation of a new CTG format file. This file however is not meant to be opened or edited manually and will be automatically deleted or erased by the camera device once the associated files are no longer present in the unit.

Detailed information for file extension CTG

Category: Miscellaneous File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: ZoomBrowser
Open with Linux: N/A
Compared with JPG image file formats, the CTG file extension is smaller in size but does not contain any image data which means that it cannot be transformed into any other image format. Although closely identified with the Canon PowerShot digital camera series, this file format can also be utilized by other Canon photograph equipment. The bulk of the data contained in the catalog file primarily reference internal information associated with pictures taken with the camera and stored in its expanded memory. This proprietary format utilized by the Canon application is also used for an archive collaboration between the index files and the component data. Data streams are normally differentiated based on the recording timestamps attached to the image files logged into the catalog file. When formatting the memory card directly from the camera device, the CTG format file is automatically installed in the storage device by the camera. This is not the case when the user initiates the format operation using a Personal Computer machine. Usually the creation of the catalog files is in a series of increments based on the last data stored by the camera unit in its storage card.