File Extension CAR

File type: CAR Archive compressed file, Ice Age/Carnivores resource file, Cellsprings rule file, Insight II Cartesian coordinate file, Railroad Tycoon 3 car properties, SAPCAR archive file, NeoBook Cartoon image format, Biosym .CAR chemical modeller input file

About the CAR file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

One of the many utilizations of the CAR file extension is as the compressed archive file for the CAR file compressor. This application makes files smaller in size so they can fit into storage devices for easier and faster transfer. The older version of CAR, the SAPCAR, also uses the CAR file extension to name its compressed files. These two applications can create the CAR file as a compressed file and they can also decompress the file.

Detailed information for file extension CAR

Category: Compressed files, Resource files, Rule files, Coordinate files, Image files, Input files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: CAR, CardMaker, Ice Age/Carnivores, Cellsprings/Web, Insight II, NeoBook Cartoon, Railroad Tycoon 3, SAPCAR, SeeYou
Open with Linux: N/A
Other than being a compressed file, the CAR file extension can also be used as a resource file for animation, graphics, and sounds of objects, weapons, and animals for the Ice Age or Carnivores game. Cellsprings/Web, a 2D cellular explorer implemented as an applet of Java 1.1, also uses the CAR file extension as its rule file. Moreover, the Insight II utilizes the CAR file extension as its coordinate file. Insight II is used to create molecules. It can also provide a graphical interface to the algorithm needed for homology modeling, molecular dynamics, electrostatics, and de novo designs. The CAR file extension can also be an image file for the NeoBook Cartoon, an application allowing users to produce royalty-fee and high quality electronic publications. Another use of the CAR file extension is to name the car properties of the application Railroad Tycoon 3. This program allows players to experience railroad experience from the past to the present day. The game's aim is to challenge the player to expand their railroad empire.