File Extension BRF

File type: Braille Ready File, Cross Platform Braille File

About the BRF file type:

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

The BRF file extension is generally used as a Braille Ready File. It was originally made to store and share information from a six-dot Braille to a digital format. This file works as a digital format of a specialized embossed device to enable the visually impaired to read. With the BRF file extension, the visually impaired can have a digital file and still read it through transmitting the file to a Refreshable Braille display or Braille embosser. Generally, there are 25 lines per page contained in the BRF file extension. Each of these lines can hold a maximum of 39 characters. Meaning, one page of this file extension can already be translated into many Braille pages. To make the digital Braille format possible, the BRF file extension uses the Braille ASCII. This is an ASCII subset that uses 64 of the many ASCII characters available.

Detailed information for file extension BRF

Category: Font files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Braille ASCII, Duxbury Braille Translator
Open with Linux: Braille ASCII, Duxbury Braille Translator
So far, the BRF file extension is considered the most convenient way for the visually impaired to receive Braille contents from the Internet. Aside from this, the BRF file extension is also found used by the Duxbury Braille Translator as a cross platform Braille file. This program is used to create a Braille file from any word processor like Microsoft Word, Internet sources, and other documents. The BRF file extension's purpose with this program is to translate the documents to the Braille format.